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As of now, May 2013th, videos on with Oksana performing are closing to one million views.

Here are some of them:

Wow! Powerful voice for a 12-year-old girl! Very nice job on the song, too. I was surprised to hear her sing it in Hebrew. I think I like her voice better than Shiri Maimon's who sang it at Eurovision. (Her voice is a just a bit shrill for my ear...)

i listened that song like 10 limes for sure and cant stop it... your voice is incredible you can do so much with it. I'm very happy for you, i hope you will become famous world wide that someday i could come to your concerts. Just don't stop what you are doing.

The most mesmerizing voice ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Im shocked-would have never thought we have such talent here in Latvia. She's destined for world stardom.

you are amaizing!beautiful and talented!!!!keep up the good work and maybe once day you will come to romania at a concert!we are waiting for you STAR!!!!!

An absolutely incredible performance dear Oksana. My goodness you made the hairs on my nape stand on edge. Amazing for just 15 years of age. You are fantastic and so beautiful with it. And I will award you an entire galaxy of stars for this effort. Love Lalita

In fact, my dear Lalita, Oksana is a wonderful singer who shows his talented voice a strong emotion. I wish him all the happiness in the world to conquer his audience. I am sure she will continue to surprise us in the near future. So, cheers Oksana 1000. I wish you success. Lalita thank you for sharing this good ... Jacques de paris

oh my God!!!!!!!!!! sweety you are the best voice I have ever heard!!!!!! you lead me without breath!!!!! bravoooo, bravisimo!!!!!                                                                               


Sono d'accordo con Wittyblond... sei incredibile, voce stupenda :) e sopratutto ottima pronuncia dell'italiano, anche se hai sbagliato qualche parola(singolare col plurale) ma non incide con la performance!! Ti ho scoperta ora per caso... e sono felice di averlo fatto!!!                           

Francesco il Bello  

bravissima!!una canzone italiana molto difficile!!cantata in modo angelico!!il tuo italiano nella canzone e' quasi perfetto!!sei n°1...............                                                                                  


You still shocked me at the end....I should have remembered!                                                     

John Whitehead

I have seen Andrea Bocelli perform this item and watched Sarah Brightman do the same. Oksana ... you can you hold your head high. Please come to Australia soon. Then you will see the standing ovation and the audience going wild that you deserve. Go Girl. You are AMAZING!!!!

Oh my goodness Oksana...once more I am completely and utterly enchanted! You ARE the music coming from the inside out. God has given you a gift of incomprehensible size and caliber...

In the world of music you sometimes find performances that goes into history as superb. Your performance of Ave Maria at the age of 15 has the mark SUPERB. It is amasing how you, the young age taken into consideration, are able to have such control of intonation, phrasing and legato. I bow my head in salutation. Your performane of LOVE HURTS is also great. All the luck to you in time to come. I would love to visit one of your conserts. May I ask where and when you are performing in Europe?

Oh my goodness Oksana...once more I am completely and utterly enchanted! You ARE the music coming from the inside out. God has given you a gift of incomprehensible size and caliber...

Lord Almighty, This is a magnificent performance by Lepska Oksana. Today is the first time that I have heard her sing. I have spent many hours studying this piece (as a keyboard accompanist & conductor) and listened to 100's of singers perform this. Her devotion to study and performance technique is obvious..this is a very wonderful, competent and professional voice in the making. Onward and upward. Bravo!!!

I've followed Oksana's singing for some years. At 17 now, how beautifully her voice is maturing, she looks and sounds like an opera star, and I hope she makes it on to the world stage as she deserves.

Please, if you visit England, do not forget to visit Canada - We need an Angel here too... I love to hear your beautifull voice.

      From the pure Northern waters of the Baltic Sea,
      The Spirit of Music took human form
      A young lady, Latvian by birth
      The Muse adopted her,
      Taught her
      And then became part of her

      The most Divine Voice on the planet
      You, Oksana Lepska,
      Are made of sky stuff

      Sing on
      Never stop

      The best Ever
      Keep it up.

Michael Laughrin 01.06.2013

Most beautiful, Angelic, ever heard on YouTube!  You definitely have musical talent that will always entertain the whole world.  Thank you Oksana for the wonderful Music!

Marvelous!  Oksana, You help considerable, to fill the void left by the lost of Maria Callas, The great Opera Singer!
Peter Totaro 03.10.2013



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