Gold vibrato of Latvia

Such a voice as has 18-years-old Oksana Lepska is probably born once in 100 years – rich and very warm. Some say it is „velvet” voice with amazing vibrato, huge range of three and half octaves and extraordinary beauty. Fragile petite girl is the student of Music College by J.Medinsh(Riga,Latvia). She five times performed in 1-st Russian TV-Channel show „Russian Got Talents” (Минута Славы). Some years ago she sang in prestiogus Carnegie Hall in NYC USA.
Her father and manager at the same time is very proud of daughter success.

Oksana, where did it all began?

— It started when I was six years old, when my father introduced me to the music, and I became involved in children's competitions — the first was «April drops» in Latvia. When I was 12 years old I took part in 1-st Russian Channel TV-show «Russian Got talents» (Минута Славы).

I just heard about it and told my father that I want to be involved in it. I was able to take part in casting process in Riga. Organizers of «Russian Got talents» decided to expand their casting process outside of Russia. We attended this casting and after a couple of weeks we got a phone call: «We are expecting you in Moscow». It was the time when I was singing pop music instead of classical one.

Performance was successful, and by small coincidence it was heard by a girl in New-York City(Josephine Yalovitser) that came from mixed Russian-American family aspiring composer. Her father got a hold of my contacts and called us to invite me to New-York. There's a Foundation for talented children(AADGT) that arranged a concert at Carnegie Hall. At that time there was the performing with Japanese pianist, now very famous, Aimi Kobayashi, and the top Russian marimbist Rostislav Sharoevsky.

Were you nervous?

— I can't even remember. Usually when I'm about to perform I'm a bit nervous but as soon as I start to sing, it all goes away.

You know, it’s a mark of truly talented artist...

— When I was a child I was not interested in learning music theory, but I enjoyed playing piano and singing. My father insisted on my study in Jugla music school (Riga), I deliberately sang like I was tone deaf. Father was very surprised, that I did not get in. But I told him everything and he promised to buy me a piano. After that I had my motivation and I got in easily and finished my school with straight A’s.

Aleksandr(father): — I wanted Oksana to be surrounded by music from very young age. Since she was six years old I planned what music will be played at home and in the car. Usually rock or jazz, but the classical music she loves today she did not enjoy when she was young.

Oksana: — I hated it! Even when I was 14, I did not want to play classical music. Wanted to sing pop music and openly told it to my father. But I gradually became interested in it.

Two years I participated in concerts of Spivakov Fond in Moscow — I got a call after my first performance at Carnegie Hall. I got invited to the USA for American Art Festival (AFAF), together with famous yuong Ruaaian pianist Fyodor Maslov. The second time performing at Carnegie Hall I was singing classical aria from "Marriage of Figaro" by Mozart and neoclassical - aria from the rock opera "Jesus Christ - Superstar" by Lloyd Webber.

Aleksandr(father): — We are organizing concert in small Guild halls on December 5, 2013 Together with her perform rising stars - talent young latvian violinist Eugene Chepovetsky and his sister, pianist Olga Chepovetskaya. Accompanist is Olga Moskalonova.

After one year that we want to organize concert in Large Guild Hall — with orchestra. We probably won't be able to afford National Symphony orchestra, but we might be able to attract Liepaja or Vidzeme Orchestra.

You seem to have great plans for the future!

Alexander(father) – If we do something we better do it right! First, thought that singining will be Oksana's career came across my mind when she was about 6-7 years old, when she started in different vocal studios, performing with them in big stores, restaurants. Well, when children sang – people come and go, take food, eat, talk, but when Oksana started to sing they stopped and listened. That was a signal that with my daughter and music it should be serious.

This summer(2013) she went to Nice for a master class to the famous singer, soprano Lorraine Nubar, dean of the prestigious Juilliard College, where the best vocalists of our time has studied. All this of course costs money...

Went with Maria Naumova, who invited Oksana to perform with her at Bristol and London at a charity concert(2006) for the benefit of disadvantaged African people.

Oksana – We have not yet decided what my voice is – soprano coloratura or lyric-dramatic soprano or mezzo-soprano. I love listening to the legendary Maria Callas, I try to learn from her. She, too, sang in the range of more than three octaves, she had a rich repertoire of folk and popular music to opera masterpieces. Truly speaking I do not really care what kind of voice I have. I sing what I like, what I can, what I want, what I am able to.

Alexander(father)– We were invited to the Russian show “Voice” - we did not go, “New Wave” did not take us. Even foreign members of the selection committee of “Eurovision” in Venstpils in 2011 approved Oksana as a participant from Latvia, but our locals of course did not select her, so from Latvia to “Eurovision” went a group called “Musique” they took the last place. If they would send Oksana it could have been history in the making, because by that moment Oksana was only 16 years old.

I am extremely happy that this whole tinsel passed us.  After all, other participating in something like “American Idol” imagine themselves as stars, but basically are not professional artists. We decided that to reach the highest peaks we “sit quietly” - need to graduete college first. And after we have set our sights on one of the most prestigious schools of vocalists in the world, but we keep quiet about it for now.

On the informative web site that caring dad made and supports it with the help of fellow computer geeks – , you can find videos of all the concerts Oksana participated, you can also trace her creative life path, find lots of photos, enjoy recordings of her singing and of course able to write her a letter and she will definitely reply.

I saw a video on Oksana's website where she sings duo with Avraam Russo infront of jury of “Got talents”. One of the jury members was the famous French actor Pierre Richer and they sang the french song “Une vie D'amour” for him, after they finished Richer took of his glases to wipe of the tears.

Alexander(father) – website is active all the time, we were surprised when receiving letters from people who said that Oksana's singing put couples back together, improves health, raises your mode, we even received one letter there was said that her singing harmonises people with autistic disorder.

Oksana would not let me lie – I always tell her that she has competed well today, that she has won today, but tommorow everything starts from the begining, you may never stop, got to move on forward with enthusiasm.

- How do you see yourself in the future?

- I think my future is with the opera, I got “infected” with it by my previous mentor Lev Ognev who has passed away recently, he was an opera singer himself back in the days.  Together with Nataliya Kozlova, she still is my teacher, she played a huge role in my life. Young singers were afraid of going to Lev Ognev, because he was very strict, but he taught well.

When I was 13 years old I did not like opera. I simply did not understand it, somebody running across the stage, somebody screaming and shouting, so I never gave a thought about starting my career in opera. Now I see future and music brighter – opera is the highiest possible level of singing, that is a style of music that will never get old, unpopular, not needed. If you can succeed in this direction you will be known and appreciated for long, not like in pop music – where people become stars for one hour.

Alexander(father) – I keep track of what appears on the Internet about Oksana. For example couple days ago a German blogger wrote about singers who performed the aria of Orpheus(the party is usually sang by a woman, mezzo-soprano) from Gluck's opera “Orpheus” and that blogger noted Oksana, but it was not a big concert or anything special it was a simple video which I recorded at her musical college and put it on the Internet.

- Have you been learning these languages intentionally?

- In my musical college we have two years of Italian and one year of German, so that we are familiar with those languages.

 - Best wishes to you, hopefully you will continue to raise your skill eveyday!

Газета" Вести Сегодня" 10.10.2013

(Newspaper “News Today” 10.10.2013)



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