Gold vibrato of Latvia

Such a voice as has 18-years-old Oksana Lepska is probably born once in 100 years – rich and very warm. Some say it is „velvet” voice with amazing vibrato, huge range of three and half octaves and extraordinary beauty. Fragile petite girl is the student of Music College by J.Medinsh (Riga, Latvia). She five times performed in 1-st Russian TV-Channel show „Russian Got Talents” (Минута Славы). Some years ago she sang in prestiogus Carnegie Hall in NYC USA.
Her father and manager at the same time is very proud of daughter success.


Reviews on Youtube

As of now, May 2014 , videos on with Oksana performing are more the one million views. Here are some of them:

Wow! Powerful voice for a 12-year-old girl! Very nice job on the song, too. I was surprised to hear her sing it in Hebrew. I think I like her voice better than Shiri Maimon's who sang it at Eurovision. (Her voice is a just a bit shrill for my ear...)


It wish to reach the level of Anna Netrebko

The 16 years old Latvian singer Oksana Lepska has committed to achieve the highiest level in opera singing. "It would be great to reach the level of Anna Netrebko or maybe even better!!!” This year the audience did not choose Oksana to represent Latvia at „Eurovision” contest. Neverminding that her carreer has grown since.  07.07.2011

The Voice is Angellike

The voice of a 15 years old Oksana Lepska is angellike that is how effectively differs from other participants of a national selection for "Eurovision-2011" contest. Some people say that hearing her makes their brains blowing up, others – that they have goose bumps all over their body. Oksana can make history by becoming the youngest contestant.  19.02.2011

«Люблю» magazine

The name of Oksana was loudly heard in Latvia and Russia thanks to the TV show of the first Russian tv-channel ‘Minute of  Fame 2’. Three times she stept on the stage of  ‘Ostankino’ studio. She has sung in English, Russian and even Hebrew impressing the public with her voice and emotional singing. With all of that she went into finals! TV is a great thing!

«Люблю» magazine №10 2008.

New York Concert Review

A very impressive set of young perfomers was on display at Carnegie’s Zankel Hall on June 14th. In memorable concert sponsored by The American Academy for the Development of the Gifted and Talented (AADGT), we first heard a most delightful young singer by the name of Oksana  Lepska, a sixth grader born in Riga, Latvia. Most remarkable about this young artist is her communication skills with her audience – she always has an inspired, soulful expression on her face, and she clearly loves being on stage. In addition, her diction on four different languages (Hebrew, Russian, English and Italian) is impeccable. The American work was  "My Favorite Place", by 11-years-old Josephine Yalovitser from New York.

New York Concert Review.Ink
magazine-vol.15No.3 Summer 2008

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